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The Basics First...

USDM Stands for "United States Domestic Market"

DRL Stands for "Daytime Running Lights"

So What Does It Do...

You may have noticed that most US (and some European) cars have there indicators glow constantly which acts as a daytime running light. Once the driver indicates they either blink or flash brighter. 

The Bespoked kit will illuminate your indicator bulbs at half brightness, once you indicate they will flash at full brightness so is easily distinguishable when indicating, once you stop indicating they will go back to 50% glow. 

How to achieve the look on non US cars...

Easily, all you need to do is install a Bespoked USDM kit! 

So What Can Bespoked Offer...

Bespoked offer a modulation kit that will convert your standard bulbs to give a USDM DRL look.

Our kit requires NO modification to your actual headlight unit (unlike other kits on the market) and requires no additional bulb holders. This also eliminates the risk of damaging expensive headlights and stops any condensation entering the lenses.

We do 3 variations of the kit which is explained in detail below.

How Easy Are They To Install...

The Bespoked kits are very easy to install, supplier 95% built and include full illustrative instructions, plus support from ourselves.

At Bespoked we produce our items with the customer in mind for easily install with basic tools and knowledge.

What Cars Do They Fit...

We can make kits for ANY car, the kits are can-bus friendly and can easily be removed if required.

Do They Work With LED Bulbs

Yes, our new kit (which will be supplied) now supports LED bulbs*, please ensure that you install canbus friendly/error free if they are not factory fitted.
*Note some cars may still require resistors which can be purchased for a few pounds

Will They Pass a MOT...

This all depends on your MOT tester, there is mixed opinions about if they will pass a MOT or not.


dont panic!, kits 2 & 3 can easily be turned off and everything will return to OEM spec so your indicators will function as they did from the factory. 

USDM Kit Options...
We offer 3 versions of the USDM kit depending on the customer requirements, these are...


The USDM DRL will activate only when your side lights are switched on, will also stay on when you have dipped beam on.


The USDM DRL will activate as soon as you turn your ignition on, they will stay illumined until you turn the ignition off, this is our most popular kit.


You have 3 options on how to activate your USDM DRL by a stainless steel toggle switch, these options are.

1. OFF - Car returns to OEM spec (normal flash) with no DRL

2. IGNITION ON - USDM will activate as soon as you turn the ignition on

3. SHOW MODE - You can activate the USDM DRL so they are constantly illuminated, this is ideal for static meets and shows where you dont require the engine to be on.

I Want a Kit...

No problem at all, click on the "Shop" link below and navigate to your car, if you car is not listed please order the universal kit, you can leave a comment at the checkout what car it is for and we will make the kit to suit.


Any further questions feel free to contact us 

Comparison Video HERE showing the difference between our old modules and the new LED modules

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