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USDM DRL Indicator Kit - Volvo C30
  • USDM DRL Indicator Kit - Volvo C30

    The USDM DRL mod is very popular at the moment in the car modification scene which creates a powerful but subtle presence on the road and in the show scene.


    We supply a modulation kit that will activate your indicators so they illuminate at half brightness and act as a day time running light (DRL), once you indicate the kit will flash the indicator bulb at full 100% brightness. once you stop indicating it will return to 50% brightness.


    Benefits of the Bespoked USDM kit...

    • Works with your current indicator bulbs and holders
    • Compatible with standard and LED bulbs
    • Compatible with OEM and aftermarket headlight
    • No modifications required to your expensive headlight units (unlike other kits on the market)
    • Easy to install with basic tools (95% built)
    • Full clear illustrative instructions with every kit
    • Canbus friendly (no error codes, or dash lights once installed)
    • Can easily be turned off and indicators return to standard operation (kit 2 and 3 only)


    Whats included...

    • USDM modules specifically for your car
    • Harness depending on kit number chosen
    • Full illustrative instructions
    • All connectors/fixings for the install
    • 24/7 support from Bespoked
    • Feature on social media if you send us pictures of your car with the kit installed.

    More information on the Bespoked USDM DRL kit can be found on the "Product Spotlight" page in the menu bar above.

    • Kit Versions Available

      We do 3 versions of the USDM kit, each kit gives them same effect, but each kit has different activation options...


      Kit 1 

      The USDM DRL will activate only when your side lights are switched on, will also stay on when you have dipped beam on


      Kit 2

      The USDM DRL will activate as soon as you turn your ignition on, they will stay illumined until you turn the ignition off, this is our most popular kit


      Kit 3
      You have 3 options on how to activate your USDM DRL by a stainless steel toggle switch, these options are.

      1. OFF - Car returns to OEM spec (normal flash) with no DRL

      2. IGNITION ON - USDM will activate as soon as you turn the ignition on

      3. SHOW MODE - You can activate the USDM DRL so they are constantly illuminated, this is ideal for static meets and shows where you dont require the engine to be on.