Anti Theft Immobiliser Secret Switch - Manual Activation
  • Anti Theft Immobiliser Secret Switch - Manual Activation

    desirable cars are being targeted at the moment by car thiefs who are using advance techniques to clone your car key and devices that plugs into the OBD port to start the car within seconds.

    Bespoked have developed an anti-theft secret switch which once installed will prevent the car from starting regardless of what device they try to use!!!. The switch can be installed in a secret location that only the owner knows where its located.

    Once installed, with the switch turned off the car cannot be started regardless of how many times you turn the key or press the start button, the only way to start the car is to turn the switch to the on position and the car will then start.

    The switch can be installed in any location that the customer chooses (thats why its a secret switch) for eg under bonnet, glove box, foot well, under the seat, in the arm rest, roof lining, in the boot or where ever your imagination runs.

    The switch can be left on all the time and the car will start as normal, or it can be turned off every time you leave the car, the choice is yours

    Easy to install with instruction
    Installation in less than 1 hour
    Doesnt damage the car
    Doesnt drain the battery
    Quality parts
    Plug and play (will require running a wire and making one connection)
    All fixings/connectors included
    Doesnt effect the ECU or Maps
    Doesnt generate fault/DTC codes
    No cutting into a wiring looms
    Perfectly safe

    Currently tested on (below are on all spec levels, eg zetec, ST, RS etc)

    Focus MK1

    Focus MK2,
    Focus MK2.5,
    Focus MK3,


    Fiesta MK6,
    Fiesta MK7,
    Fiesta MK7.5

    Fiesta MK8



    Transit MK7
    Transit MK8



    Volvo C30 Petrol models


    Seat Leon MK2


    Audi S3

    Audi RS3


    Golf MK7 

    Golf MK7.5


    (more kits available soon) if your car isnt listed message us!!

    Dont let the theifs win and you loose your pride and joy!!! cheap and simple addition to securing your car.

    Focus Product video available...









    Fiesta Product Video Available...







    Seat Leon Product Video Available...