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Anti Theft Kill Switch - Manual Activation 

Note we also sell a auto arm kit now which automatically activates the kill switch as soon as the car is turned off, the information below is for the original Bespoked Kill Switch kit




Fords and other manufactures are being targeted at the moment by car thief's who are using advance smart techniques to steal desirable models, and breaking them for parts


How are they stealing them...

There are various ways cars are being stolen at the moment which include

OBD theft

Key Cloning

Key Range Extending

Key Theft

All of this happens in a very short period of time and discretely

Bespoked have developed an anti-theft secret switch which once installed will prevent the car from starting regardless of what device they try to use!!!. The switch can be installed in a secret location that only the owner knows where its located.

Once installed and activated the car cannot be started regardless of how many times you turn the key or press the start button, the only way to start the car is to deactivate the device and the car will then start.

The switch can be left on all the time and the car will start as normal, or it can be turned off every time you leave the car, the choice is yours


How Does It Work...

Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot disclose that information, we dont want the information getting into the wrong hands. im sure existing and new customers will appreciate the discretion

The kit is perfectly safe and wont harm the car, we have done extensive long term testing on the models listed below.

Benefits Of The Bespoked Kit ...

Cost Effective

Plug and Play

No Modification to Existing Wiring

Will Not Void Warranty

Stealth Install (cannot be easily detected)

Wont Drain The Battery

Doesn't Effect ECU Mapping

No Fault Codes

Whats Included...

Its a secret, but everything is included to carry out the install

It can easily be Installed by a novice with basic tools

What Cars Does It Work On...

In theory the kit will work on most makes and models, if you car is not listed below we advice you contact us first to discuss

Below is a list of cars we have tested it on (compatible with all varients)

Focus MK1

Focus MK2,
Focus MK2.5,
Focus MK3,

Fiesta MK6,
Fiesta MK7
Fiesta MK7.5

Fiesta MK8


Transit MK7
Transit MK8

Volvo C30 Petrol models

Seat Leon MK2

Audii S3/RS3

We are currently working on more models, if yours is not listed please contact us

What you waiting for... Protect your pride and joy before its too late

Fit a Bespoked Anti Theft Kill Switch


How Ford Focus ST's & RS are stolen.jpg
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